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But how are people going to find it? What are you going to do about SEO? SEO for single-page for an AngularJS application websites can be tricky, this AngularJS SEO Tutorial – UPDATED 2018 can help you overcome the issue most developers will have.


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AngularJS SEO Tutorial – UPDATED 2018

This Tutoiral can help with AngularJS SEO Tutorial – UPDATED 2018

Angular is a platform that makes it easy to build applications with the web. This AngularJS SEO Tutorial will help you overcome the difficulties faced when creating a SEP friendly website using AngularJS.Angular combines declarative templates, dependency injection, end to end tooling, and integrated best practices to solve development challenges. Angular empowers developers to build applications that live on the web, mobile, or the desktop. The framework, is written in pure JavaScript, was intended to decouple an application's logic from DOM manipulation, and aimed at dynamic page updates.

If you're not sure what a JavaScript (or client-side) framework is, that's a technology providing developers the tools to build a web application while also defining how it should be designed and how the code should be organized.

JavaScript has for quite some time been one of the SEO's most prominent foes, you can complete a considerable measure of cool designs with JavaScript, particularly with the presentation of new structures like AngularJS; SEO, however, has been a test for Google. Rendering substance or connections that were served in JavaScript has been one of Googlebot's greatest difficulties. This implied on the off chance that you principally utilized JavaScript to show the essential substance on a page, for example, data and portrayals in a selected item page, you should have a vacant page.

JavaScript has always been a complicated relationship with Googlebot's search in terms of rendering content and has long been one of the SEO's greatest villains – The good thing with JS you can do a lot of creative and amazing things and now with AngularJS framework becoming more popular in the development community it times we dig in and talk about some solutions to the problem.

Since 2015 Google are now able to crawl and render JavaScript just as long as you're not blocking the files in the robots.txt file. One small issue was found based on googles claim, and that was the fact it wasn't able to see content hidden in the page, this means any content requiring a click, such as an expanding container, contented in a tabbed experience, modals etc will likely not be indexable in google search results.

AngularJS is a brilliant platform for building sites and applications. built-in routing, data binding, among different features empower AngularJS to totally deal with the front-end of an application. One trap of utilizing AngularJS (for the time being) is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (viable SEO for AngularJS). In this article, we will go over how to make your AngularJS site or application crawlable by Google.

AngularJS SEO Friendly URL's

AngularJS SEO Friendly URLs

You have to evacuate every one of the hashes that AngularJS uses. These hashes make a URL that ought to be look like, this means you have to avoid the hash in your URLs completely. This you can accomplish by influencing utilization of the $location to benefit which parses the URL in the address bar and rolls out, fitting improvements to your application and the other way around. You can utilize $locationProviders while designing your courses to get this right. Evacuation of the hashes makes it simpler for search engine bot crawlers to file a URL. You also need to ensure in your generating XML sitemaps that include your canonical URLs and that they are all submitted in Google Search Console (and Bing Webmaster Tools). this is the first step to improving AngularJS SEO.

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When you have configuration done, your single page web application is 90% ready for SEO. What's left is to ensure that you are including every one of the pages that you need to be listed in your sitemap.xml record. Google does not appropriately take after connections in AngularJS applications yet, in this manner you should make a sitemap for the majority of your pages. This sounds like an agony to do, be that as it may, with appropriate form this can be an extremely computerized process. the next step in this AngularJS SEO Friendly URLs si to ensure the page is rendering correctly.

Pre-rendering You Pages for Angular SEO:


Pre-rendering is the rendering of the page ahead of time at the server side so when the crawlers visit a site they see this rendered page and list it. Be that as it may, you should make the crawlers to list the pre-rendered content rather than the live substance. For this, you need to add a part meta tag to the majority of your pages. So when the crawlers see this tag, they pass a URL string parameter like "?_escaped_fragment_." This diverts the Googlebot to the server to bring the pre-rendered parts of the page.

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AngularJS SEO Indexing


​The first thing you want to do is exporting the XML sitemap for the site which should contain all the page's which will give you a guide to reference and consult as you work on getting your site indexed. The next thing is to install Prerender is a service that will render your website in a virtual browser, then serve the static HTML content to web crawlers. Once it you've got that installed the next thing is to register on google webmaster and add your new website and find the feature called "Fetch as Google." "Fetch as Google" allows you to enter a URL from your site and fetch it as Googlebot would during a crawl. It will display a screenshot of the page as Googlebot saw it and as a site visitor would see it which will help you to see if the pages are being render as you would like it to be. You will also have to submit the sitemap to GWM. The next step is to register on Google Analytics to record data since they don't track pageviews the way a standard website does. Instead of the traditional Google Analytics tracking code, you'll need to install Analytics through some kind of alternative method this plugin seem to work well Angulartics plugin. The final step is recrawel the entire site to see what pages have been indexed.

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