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Competing online is more challenging than ever. Instead of organic traffic, you might want to consider targeted traffic that attracts the right customers at any stage of the buying cycle. Imagine reaching your exact client when they are searching for your exact product.  Imagine delighting your customers with a tailored message, enticing them to visit your site where they are just a few clicks away from checking out, adding to your bottom line.

That’s Pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Delivering a targeted ad to your potential customers at the exact moment they are searching.

Generating qualified traffic goes much deeper than creating a few ads and selecting a handful of keywords. It involves in-depth research, testing, adaption, refinement and scaling. Our PPC team has a proven process dedicated to helping your business hit the ground running.

Our PPC management services allow you to utilize a full suite of paid adverting formats that deliver instant traffic to your site.

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PPC with Google Adwords

Our PPC Management expertise

Text Ads

Text ads that appear within a Google search above organic search results, search ads provide consumers with a snippet of information about your business, as well as a link to call you on mobile devices.

Display Ads

Visual advertisements that display across Google’s Display Network, Display ads can take the form of text, image, video and rich media. More than 2 million sites are a part of Google’s Display Network, all of which have places on them that Display ads can appear.

Remarketing Ads

Have you ever visited a website – while considering the purchase of a product or to get more information about a service, only to have it follow you around the internet – from search engines, to news articles, to social media in the following weeks? The advertisements you saw are remarketing ads, and you can create them too.

Shopping Ads

Displayed above Google search results, Google Shopping ads include product images, prices and store information.

PPC with Bing Advertising

Supported PPC ad formats

With 10 years’ experience behind us, we have a highly developed work ethic which gets the best results from any budget.

We support the following formats.
  • Text ads with snippet of business information
  • Link to call on mobile
  • Appear above organic search results
  • Text, image, video or rich media advertisements
  • Appear across Google’s Display Network
  • Great for increasing brand awareness
  • Appear only after you visit the website
  • Follow you across the web

It’s far too easy for your business to become oblivious to a sluggish PPC campaign, but how can you clean up your strategy?

Contact us now to see how we can help with generating me business using google and bing pay-per-click advertising. 

Organic search

Organic search

Backlinks are fundamental to the success of any SEO campaign. A backlink from a high-ranking site like Forbes can push your site higher in SERPs, and bring you more organic traffic. 

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience

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Digital PR

Digital PR

Strategy used by businesses to increase their online presence. Includes, online press release to gain high-quality backlinks & social media mentions to improve SEO.

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Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Advertise to a specific audience using Adword or Bing. There are several categories, including pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-impression (PPI), and display ads.

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PPC also known as Pay Per Click which is a form of paid advertising 

As such a sophisticated advertising platform with hundreds of different available features, it is important for us to make sure we’re achieving the best return on your investment. To get you the best results, our approach is split into two phases. First, we will set up and structure your account. To do this effectively, we carry out extensive research into potential keywords as well as a competitor analysis. 

Each client we run the following processes. 

Then we focus on monthly management, adjusting bids and split testing regularly to ensure high performing ad copy, whilst working towards improving your keyword quality score and cost per click. We will also monitor your search query reports to allow us to expand your campaign and filter out irrelevant traffic. Your Google AdWords Qualified account manager will be available to talk you through each stage of the campaign.

1. Audit - We conduct an audit of your current campaigns and identify issues and wastage
2. Research - Industry insights and competitor research help us form a strategy
3. Implementation - We either rebuild, restructure, or further build out your campaigns
4. Optimisation - Daily campaign management to maximize the budget and ROI
5. Testing - Ad, landing page and user journey testing allows us to continually increase conversions
6. Find ideas - Our research and test data feeds new ideas for customer acquisition

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Not sure what PPC is? You have questions.
We have answers.

Pay-per-click advertising is a popular and economical way to generate more website traffic and reach a larger target audience online. In today’s world, that means faster way to get new business to your website, and that’s exactly how we can help. 

What’s the difference between broad, exact and negative match?

When you create an ad, you’ll not only select keywords, but you’ll also decide how “exact” you want the match to be. Here are some terms to be familiar with.

  • Broad match. With this option, customers will see your ad if they enter searches that are “similar” to your keywords.
  • Exact match. With this option, customers will only see your ad if they enter the exact keyword, or keyword phrase that you selected.
  • Negative match. With this option, you can select keywords that you don’t want your ad associated with. If these words are entered into the search bar, your ad won’t show up.





What are the components of a PPC ad?


To start, you might want to opt for a text ad. However, you can create a PPC ad that’s a banner, video or product listing. When getting started, use the guidelines below to design your ad:

  • Headline. Just like a newspaper, your ad needs a short, attention-grabbing headline.
  • Display URL. This is the link that is displayed with the ad and clues customers in on the company that’s hosting the ad.
  • Destination URL. This is the link that customers will go to if they click on the ad.
  • Description. You’ll need to describe your product or service in a few words to entice customers to click on your ad.

Of course, there are length restrictions for each component. For example, with Google Adwords, headlines can only be 25 characters long.






What are the benefits of PPC ads?

It’s quite tough to get your site on page one for search results. With PPC ads, your website not only gets “front and center attention,” but it is also displayed to customers who are looking specifically for your product or service. Plus, these eye-catching ads can be more affordable for small businesses compared to other types of advertising. 




What is pay-per-click advertising?

Let’s start with the definition. Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC advertising, is a specific type of search engine marketing designed to drive traffic to your website. When certain keywords are entered into a search engine, your ad appears in the search results. In terms of cost, you only pay when the ad is clicked on, hence the name pay-per-click advertising. 



What you get

We work with you to establish the project timeline and goals, and efficiently allocate the right resources for the task.

Great support

Great support

We really listen to customers, its crucial for providing great service and support.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

We’ll be clear – and we’ll tell you if something isn’t right, with you all the way.

Budget control

Budget control

We ensure financial transparency and accuracy throughout the development process and provide detailed plans every month to clearly demonstrate how the budget is spent.

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