Website search engine implementation

So, what is an effective search engine?

From a business perspective, you should regard an effective search engine as a powerful tool that is able to increase conversion rate and bring more profit to website owners. If your website search mechanism doesn’t provide relevant results or its searching performance is too low, people will leave the website and go to its competitor.

The primary aim of the search is to retrieve the most relevant matches to the user’s queries, excluding other general content from the website.

Among the features that you can get from modern search engines, the most popular are:

  • full-text search (by simple words and phrases or multiple forms of a word or phrase)
  • multifield search
  • highlighting (a visual indication of the words entered in the search box)
  • search by synonyms
  • autocomplete suggestions

Website search technology

There are about 20 search engines to choose from, but, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient solution for your web application, Weeb Digital can help the implement one of the following three:

  • Elasticsearch
  • Solr
  • Sphinx

All three are open source search solutions, well-supported by their communities of contributors. They can all boast high performance, scalability, and flexibility, though they all still have their peculiarities.

Connected audiences expect instant, reliable, secure access to websites and applications – from any device, anywhere. Weeb Digital Web Performance Solutions help you engage consumers with fast, personalized online experiences, enabling you to increase revenue opportunities, gain IT agility and scale globally.

We carry our a Performance audit which will unveil the characteristics of your system that will help you set the right goals for further development and optimization. Weeb Digital is always ready to help you. We have many years of experience in data-driven systems development, optimization, and maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote!


When to take action

When you notice that it takes a while to retrieve the results for your query in your website, it may negatively impact the user experience.

By equipping your database with a powerful search engine, the performance of your application will dramatically increase.

Contemporary search engines provide sophisticated features like suggestions, full-text, faceted,  fuzzy search, etc. for even more accurate and relevant results.

1. full-text
2. autocomplete suggestions
3. faceted
4. multifield
5. synonyms (called wordforms)
6. geospatial
7. highlighting (called snippets)
8. spell checker (called qsuggest)


Website search engine implementation

Custom search engine implementation consulting

Scope of work

  • Anything related to a custom search engine for your website
  • Implementation assistance.
  • Production support (we will help you install, troubleshoot, and optimize installation).
  • Development support
  • Sponsored/custom development 


  • Defined during the technical review.

Time and cost

  • Performed either remotely, or on-site (subject to availability).
  • Starting within 1-3 business days, subject to availability.
  • Paid by the hour (except for feature development), rate depending on the project scope.
  • Fixed quotes and limited warranties on sponsored feature development.
  • Billed on delivery.
  • Contact us for a quote

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